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The Attraction in Animal Kingdom You Have Never Done

The view of the tree of life when you round the corner onto the bridge headed into Discovery Island is amazing. Most people do not know that there are much better spots to grab that perfect family Animal Kingdom photo. I see so many families stopping in the main path towards the tree and they end up with pictures full of other families – the secret spot guarantees uninterrupted views.

People seem to only travel to Discovery Island on their way to another part of the theme park. With so many exciting things to do in the other lands very few people look around, and you should! Not only are there great food and shopping options, but there are several paths around the Tree of Life that people don’t know you can travel on. When I first started visiting the parks I though most of these paths were extended que for Its Tough to be a Bug. You really do have to look for the entrance to these pathways as they are not easy to find.

The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The main entrance to the secret spot is located around the corner on the on the left side of the Tree of Life across from Creature Comforts (Starbucks).

We recommend grabbing coffee on your way into Animal Kingdom at the Joffrey’s cart outside of the park. Many people run past this coffee stand thinking they will get Starbucks in the park. The Starbucks can have a longer wait than Expedition Everest for most of the morning, so we avoid having to go there on a packed Animal Kingdom day. I was a Starbuck’s only Disney Guest for the longest time, but Joffrey’s has won my heart; I have started ordering it for home now.

There are two entrances on this side that lead to the Tree of Life Gardens, and both are amazing.

The first is marked with a Tree of Life Gardens sign. This path will take you all the way up to the base of the tree around the front. There are many animal exhibits around as well. Did you know there are Kangaroos in Animal Kingdom?! I have spent a ton of time waiting on my next Genie + window exploring and trying to find as many animals in the Tree of Life as I can. It is a great game to play with kids! The Eagle carving is our favorite.

The second entrance is to the right in front of the bridge that leads to the Africa section of the park. This entrance is not marked so there will be even fewer people back here. You get to walk along the river; this is a great spot to watch the characters come by on boats. I love coming here in the morning as the light is coming through the Tree of Life and makes stunning photos. This is a great open area to bring a toddler that needs to run around for a bit.

Secret Spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Secret Spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Neither of these spots have great places to sit so I would not bring a full meal back here, but it is a great place to sip your coffee. I also enjoy going on the first path in the evenings when the projections are on the tree giving you a perfect view.

Have you explored these secret places in Animal Kingdom?

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