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Get the Best Deal on your Walt Disney World Resort Stay

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I know… Staying at Disney World is expensive on the verge of ridiculous. Wait… no its just ridiculous. I still do it though… I seem to always complain about the cost and then shell out the money. Your friends are right, there really is nothing like staying on property at Walt Disney World. Are you going to have a great vacation even if you stay off property? Probably. There just isn’t any way of explaining the feeling of a Disney vacation that is completely inside the bubble. Try not to pay full price for an on-property resort though if you can help it.

For this advice you need to scroll down to the bottom and click on the special offers tab on the bottom of the website. Disney does not make this easy to find. It does seem like the special offers have been scarce since the Covid closures, but the good news is that it seems like more and more offers have started to pop up especially for passholders.

Once you scroll down and keep scrolling and keep scrolling you will find the special offers link under Places to Stay. Most of the time there will be a featured offer at the top of the next page that will apply to most guests. This is not always the best offer! You have to scroll again and look at each offer to see which ones would give you the best offer for your dates. Notice that many of the offers say “up to” certain resorts or stay will not have the full amount offered. I would suggest trying multiple offers to see which will give you the most off on your dates. If you qualify for multiple offers then make sure you are signed into the website before clicking on the special offers tab and start looking for stays. Sometimes you’ll get a better deal with a 25% offer than a 40% offer just because of availability.

Standard View Room at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

If you have already booked a room and a special offer that could apply to you pops up then don’t cry yet! You are able to call Walt Disney World Guest Relations at 407-939-5277 and ask for the offer to be applied for your already booked room, but be prepared for the worst as these offers are LIMITED and do not apply to all nights of the week normally.

Never be afraid to try to get any offer you see advertised for resort stays! The worst that can happen is you call Guest Services and they say no. No one, including the cast members, are judging you for trying to take advantage of an offer at a place where the average night stay is close to $500 or more.

Disney will a lot of times make it seem like a certain number of nights must be booked to receive the offer – do not accept this either. MOST of the time even though the ads limit it guest services is still able to apply it to any length of stay.

Standard View Room at Disney's Polynesian Resort

The offers are more limited than what we were seeing pre-closures, but it does seem like they are coming back.

Have you been able to get any great deals on Disney Resort stays lately?

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