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Best Disney Dining Hack That Only The Pros Know

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Mouse Watcher!

Why isn’t everyone talking about this amazing website constantly?!?!?!

We have all done it… you wake up at 6am ready to book that long awaited dining reservation at Oga’s Cantina to impress your friends, but alas they are gone. You think surely there is a glitch; no way did 100 other people start clicking before you did. There was no glitch. Those Karens have taken your afternoon of Star Wars debauchery. What do you do now????? You can’t go to that group message and admit the worst? Do you check every 5 minutes for a reservation to become available? Mouse Watcher has you covered.

I can’t even remember where I really heard about mouse watcher, but I feel like I ran across it buried under a rock in the comments section of Disney Food Blog post. I am here to save you via suggesting the use of someone else’s website –

So basically, you go to their website and sign up for an alert when and if the coveted dining reservation that you want becomes available. You select which theme park you want, I have only ever had luck with using it for Walt Disney World, and which restaurant. You then select the date (be careful here! Double check yourself) You then will select which meal you’re looking for and the party size. There is no way to select a specific time for your reservation. I’ve seen the cost range between $5-$15 depending on how many days you want the system to be searching for the reservation.

That’s it… Now you wait… In my experience you won’t see a ton of action until around 30-2 days out as that is when most people are messing with their plans.

I also know what you’re thinking, and I know, it’s an extra cost. To me, the benefit outweighs the $5-$15 price tag. I would much rather be able to dine where I want and not go to bed panicked 61 days from my vacation. God Bless the creators of Mouse Watcher; you are truly doing the lord’s work.

Let us know your experience! Has Mouse Watcher helped in your vacation planning?

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